DLA Piper Report: “Virtual hearings: Empirical evidence from our global experience”

Australia Lawyers Weekly reports…

In the “Virtual hearings: Empirical evidence from our global experience” report, DLA Piper global co-chair of litigation and regulatory Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry and global international arbitration practice manager and of counsel Ben Sanderson wrote that some “unquestionably outdated” aspects of the legal profession have needed changing for years.





















“But lawyers don’t tend to be good with change. It unsettles their need for certainty and predictability. Our clients, though, have no such insecurities; technology and change are as much staples of boardroom discussion as turnover and profit. The reason is simple, no business – law firms included – can hope to survive standing still. For many businesses, though, change may not be enough; radical change may be what is needed,” the pair wrote.

Clients for BigLaw firms, as well as their corporate counsel, may worry that virtual hearings could lead to a “lesser or compromised form of justice”, and some may worry that fundamental human rights to be heard will be put at risk if in-person hearings become a thing of the past.

But, on the other hand, there are myriad benefits for clients to the emergence and mainstreaming of virtual hearings, Mr Douglas-Henry and Mr Sanderson surmised.

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