DLA Phillips Fox Chief Exec To Step Down

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They have just reported that…

DLA Phillips Fox chief executive steps down
15 May 2009

DLA Phillips Fox chief executive, Tony Crawford, has announced he will step down after more than 10 years in the top job and almost 30 years at the firm.
Crawford will leave the role in December, tie up any loose ends and formally leave the firm in March. DLA Phillips Fox has not announced a successor.
A merger with DLA Piper will likely be on the agenda of the new chief executive. Crawford himself has pointed to it as a possibility for the firm in the next year.
"The question of whether or not we will ultimately take the step of full financial integration or full complete merger is on the table and we’re looking at that,” Crawford said in The Australian.
“Clearly both parties would need to be satisfied of a number of things before that did happen, but I would like to think it’s a likely prospect within the next couple of years.”
Crawford led Phillips Fox into the alliance with DLA Piper in 2006.

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