Digital Jnl – Article: Syntheia: Closing the gap between lawyers and the knowledge they need through automation

Technology and client expectations are evolving every single day across sectors including the Legal Industry. Earlier, lawyers and legal professionals would spend countless hours researching and drafting contracts or other legal documents. However, an outsider might find this strange but many legal contracts are extremely similar, with just a few variations depending on the case in point. Also, when it comes to sharing knowledge and tools, there is a common perception that legal professionals are not very good at sharing their valuable knowledge and resources, unlike the tech industry. That said, if we dig deeper, we’d realize that this is not just the result of the common practice of rivalry in the legal profession but because of not embracing the power of automation at the right time.

Clearly, every legal organization holds a wealth of information in their documents, database, and the minds of your experts but it is not easy for the team of lawyers to tap into that knowledge instantly. Syntheia puts an end to this problem by closing the gap between lawyers and the knowledge they need. The platform provides legal professionals with easy and user-friendly tools to find a wide range of solutions that automate, streamline, and speed up the entire document lifecycle, saving the firm’s time and money. The purpose is to automate the repetitive process of building a document from scratch each time you need a new contract.

There are enough and more case studies and testimonials to prove that Law Firms and Legal professionals using legal document automation hold a competitive advantage over those that don’t. This is because of the simple integration of Syntheia’s legal tech capabilities that help reduce redundancies, improve efficiencies, and provide clients with faster and more streamlined service in accordance with the latest industry trends.

In the end, it’s all about making sure that the drafted documents are legally and technically sound. Syntheia’s AI-powered automation is a proven solution to reduce the workload on resources and associated costs. Not just this, by using a future-proof legal drafting tool like Syntheia, firms can protect themselves from legal issues that stem from inaccurate and non-compliant content. This is exactly why document automation is fast becoming an essential technology for law firms of all scales and sizes. In the clutter of so many firms, standing out from the crowd not only requires a high level of efficiency but also the ability to keep up with the changing landscape and follow the best practices in the industry. The biggest game-changing feature offered by the platform is the easy-to-use contract lifecycle management solution. This essentially means that it’s not just about getting support in creating the first draft. The services go way beyond that and help enterprises manage their end-to-end document and contract processes, efficiently and securely.

The reason behind open source technology arriving late in the legal industry is the fact that even if lawyers shared a lot of valuable knowledge and resources, making it portable as code was challenging. But very recently, things have started to get exciting in this space. Law firms have spent more money on technology solutions during the pandemic (3.3% increase compared to the previous year), and even more money on knowledge management (5.1% increase compared to the previous year). Syntheia addresses these problems by enabling easy access of a law firm’s internal legal information to lawyers so that they can become more productive and excel at their job.

The pandemic has profoundly impacted work for all sectors and at all levels, and the legal profession is no exception. Law firms have barely adapted to remote working, and now they have to prepare for a new disruption: a cultural shift to long-term hybrid work. Client expectations have also changed over the pandemic, with many demanding discounts, write-offs, and alternative fee arrangements. Not just this, law firms have faced a shortage of experienced staff. This combination of unfavorable factors has put further strain on the business of law. Under these circumstances, Syntheia comes to the rescue of the custodians of law by offering a knowledge bank to automate the way firms manage legal knowledge, and other applications that extract, store, and sort text from legal documents in a granular format.

What’s more – The platform is so flexible that firms can simply keep uploading their past relevant work to Syntheia’s knowledge bank. Further to this, the software reads your documents and automatically creates a private and structured knowledge database. This means that lawyers and even their assistants no longer need to spend time manually naming every file, tagging metadata, or curating clauses.

Interestingly, Syntheia helps lawyers find relevant and useful clauses and definitions from your past work and precedents from right inside Microsoft Word. All users need to do is open the drafting assistant in Microsoft Word, and find suggestions for any text they want to revise. With just one click, the software recommends relevant and useful examples of clauses and definitions just like that. Delivering information to lawyers in beautiful and efficient ways with a team of experts in data science, Syntheia is emerging to be the go-to platform for lawyers and firms seeking automated legal drafting services.

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