Dewey B Strategic Interview New Bloomberg USA Bods and let’s be Honest It’s Mind Numbingly Dull

At least Perla had a few things to say. Maybe Mozarsky and McCaffery should have employed “Make BNA Great Again” “Tremendous Opportunities”  and “The Conspiracy Theory About Lexis Nexis Email Servers” to jazz it all up a bit.


Here’s the interview in full.

Like all interviews with head honchos at legal publishers over the years, it is hard to stop one’s eyes glazing over as the snake oil is sold.

So for those of you who don’t feel like they’ve got another ten minutes of their life to waste here are the takeaway points

A) We all love David Perla, thought he was incredible and we are carrying on his great work but we won’t tell you why we dumped him .. oh by the way he was (notice past tense) amazing just in case we didn’t make that clear initially.

B) We will be growing by double digits or our heads are for the chop too.

C) Scott Mozarsky new prez says, “My first priority is to spend as much time as possible with customers since customer feedback is critical to innovation. I also plan to spend time with our employees. BloombergBNA has recently infused a lot of new talent into the organization and I want to understand their talents so we can continue to drive innovation through collaboration.”   I suppose in this new Trump world stating the blindingly obvious is all part of being in charge these days

D) The AI question receives a beautifully slippery answer, “AI is both a challenge and an opportunity, but it needs to be focused on real needs that will benefit the market.”  We suggest they work on this  very quickly as the law firms appear to be way ahead of the publishers in regard to AI developments

We apologize in advance for our cynicism but change the names and this interview could be conducted with any of the current and or past leaders of the main publishers. Good luck with those double digit growth figures