Denmark regulator warns of new illegal gambling threats

Spillemyndigheden, the national gambling regulator in Denmark, has committed to taking action over new illegal gambling threats in the country, revealing it is working with social media and tech giants over the issue.

In a new report, Spillemyndigheden set out details of how it countered illegal activities during 2023. This covers both the online and land-based sectors in Denmark.

The regulator said was the highest profile operator blocked last year. This came after it secured a court order to take such action against 49 websites deemed to be running illegally in the country.

Spillemyndigheden says that DNS blocking will continue in 2024, with another case due to close this year.

In terms of the effectiveness of this action, the regulator says this is hard to measure as the sites in question were not blocked for the entire year. As such, it presents data on websites blocked in previous years.

Based on the 227 sites blocked to the end of 2022, visits to these sites were down from 15.8 million in 2017 to 1.8 million in 2023. This suggests that despite an 89% drop, some users are still able to bypass DNS blocking to gamble illegally.

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