Criminal Record Check: What, When, Why, and How

A criminal record check is one of the most extensive background checks you can get.

A certified copy of your criminal record includes all details and charges you faced in court. It may include any pending charges but not any not-guilty charges.

Do you need to do a criminal record check for yourself or someone else? Do you know how and where to get it done?

This article provides insight into what a criminal record check is and when you need it. Read on to discover more.

What is a Criminal Record Check?

A criminal record check is done to determine if a person has a criminal history. It’s a thorough process that looks into past behaviors, criminal convictions, and sentencing.

Generally, a criminal record check is done by police or law enforcement agencies. It will look into the individual’s details such as the history of a criminal record, misdemeanor, felony, and pending court dates. 

When Does One Need to Get a Record Check?

A record check is required for certain jobs, such as those in law enforcement and security, and for certain types of volunteer positions. A record check can also be done for some visas and immigration applications. As well as for certain applications to schools and government programs. Typically, when someone needs to get a record check, they must sign a consent form for the background check to be performed.

Why is a Criminal Record Check Important?

It is important as it allows employers, adoption agencies, and landlords to verify a person’s eligibility. Such checks provide a comprehensive review of a person’s criminal history.

It could reveal any prior convictions which might be cause for concern regarding the suitability of a person for a certain role. This information can help employers ensure a safe work environment. 

How to Obtain a Criminal Record?

A criminal record is needed to complete the process of some cases such as expunging a felony. And to process a criminal record check, the individual should contact his or her local law enforcement agency or the FBI.

Many states offer websites where individuals may request criminal history information. The state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation also can provide criminal history information for some states. Once individuals receive their criminal records, they can begin to take the next step to apply for an expungement of the felony.

In addition to the record check, paperwork must be filed. It depends on the individual’s state of residence and the regulations in place, a judge may approve the expungement.

Everything You Need to Know Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks are an important step in protecting both employers and potential employees. Understanding when, why, and how to carry out a criminal record check is essential for any organization.

Employers should remember to always check for any type of criminal record when hiring. Take action today by developing and implementing effective criminal record-checking procedures.

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