Crash Suspect Allegedly Spit on Officer: ‘There’s Some Corona for You, Now All You Need Is a Lime’

There are some lovely people out there !

Surprisingly this is out of Colorado and not Florida.

Don’t fine or send her to jail send her to work as a cleaner in a hospital for two weeks

Law & Crime report…

We thought everyone was past making beer references in regard to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). How naive of us!

A woman was arrested Sunday for allegedly driving drunk and crashing into four cars, according to The Denver Channel. That’s serious enough, but she is also accused of spitting on an arresting officer and saying, “There’s some corona for you, now all you need is a lime.”

Brenda Johnson, 62, faces charges including second-degree assault on a peace officer, DUI, and hit and run.

This story comes out of Arvada, Colorado. Police claim Johnson drove drunk, hitting four parked cars. Cops said they checked it out, and found her in the driver’s seat. The defendant was taken to a detox center where she allegedly spit on the arresting officer, and made the Corona-related statement.

It’s unclear clear if Johnson has the virus, but police said their officer is sticking to department guidelines on the coronavirus.

Records viewed by Law&Crime show that Johnson is locked up without bond at the Jefferson County Jail. She is scheduled for a court hearing to take place Friday.

There’s no question that COVID-19 has changed the way people relate to each other worldwide. That extends to alleged crimes.