Covid-19: research and knowledge exchange from Edinburgh Law School

Edinburgh law school have been busy – here are some of the resources they are offering to all and sundry.

Edinburgh Law School is proud to be a leader in legal scholarship and research, and at this uncertain time it is more important than ever that the work our academics do is brought to the fore. Many of our colleagues are actively contributing to the body of expertise and knowledge that is so vital in this crisis.

This article summarises some the work that our Law School colleagues are producing relating to Covid-19 and its effects.

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Justice in Global Health Emergencies & Humanitarian Crises

Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra is PI for a Wellcome Trust Seed Award project titled ‘Vulnerability and justice in global health emergency regulation: developing future ethical models’. Agomoni is currently working on several pieces on the subject of the pandemic. The latest articles from the project relating to Covid-19 can be found on the GHE website.

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Conflict, Development and Covid-19 resources

The Political Settlements Research Project have put together a list of blogs and resources discussing the impact of Covid-19 from the perspective of conflict-affected states. You can find the full list of resources on the PSRP website.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic: are law and human rights also prey to the virus?”

Graeme Laurie wrote this piece on the importance of legal preparedness. It appeared on the Mason Institute’s blog, ‘The Motley Coat.’

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Covid-19: Explaining the Legal and Ethical Dimensions and Providing Professional and Public Guidance

Over the next few months, Dr Edward Dove will be working in collaboration with Prof John Coggon of the University of Bristol Law School, who has secured funding from the University of Bristol’s Elizabeth Blackwell Institute to track, analyse, and advise on developments in health policy and practice in light of Covid-19.

The project is entitled “Covid-19: Explaining the Legal and Ethical Dimensions and Providing Professional and Public Guidance”. Working with colleague across UK’s four nations (Prof John Coggon at Bristol, Prof John Harrington at Cardiff, and Profs Thérèse Murphy and Anne-Maree Farrell at QUB in Belfast), and alongside an international advisory group, they will track and systematise the early run of legislative and policy responses to Covid-19 in health policy and practice contexts; develop explanatory materials and analysis of existing and emerging (including latent) points of law, regulation, and policy (including professional ethical guidance); critically assess the consistency of policy and practice with the UK’s ethical framework for pandemic planning; fundamentally assess the consistency of these materials with basic commitments to the rule of law and human rights; and contribute to processes of reflexive governance for and of health professionals (i.e. through advice on developing policy and practice).


Counting the Cost

On 12 April, Prof Emilios Avgouleas was interviewed on Al Jazeera’s series ‘Counting the Cost’, discussing the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on our economy and what can be done in response.

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 “Anyone can get coronavirus – but how you fare depends a lot on who and where you are”

Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra recently wrote this piece for the The Independent along with Dr Alexis Paton of the University of Leicester.

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