COVID-19 Has Disrupted the Future of International Students. You Can Help.

Many of the over one million international students in the United States are struggling to remain “legal” during the COVID-19 pandemic. With layoffs, disruption of education, and the threat of deportation, international students are caught in this crisis with nowhere to turn. These hardworking, bright individuals are sucked into the complex legal process to continue their schooling—which has only been made more challenging during the pandemic. Many are left helpless with no family, friends, or funds for support during such challenging times.

That’s why the Community for Global Innovation has welcomed the innovation and jobs these students can bring. They have partnered with Welcoming America to support newcomers and ensure everyone feels valued and included, regardless of where they come from.


Our Impact

The Community for Global Innovation focuses on increasing visibility and placement for the international student population in the USA. CFGI brings together startups, VCs, universities, and citizens to stand in solidarity with international students. Among the many services they offer, CFGI provides emergency financial assistance to international students in crisis, attorney consultations for international students, support to navigate the post-graduation immigration process for work visas and green cards, and legal representation for international students seeking asylum.

Your Donation

All donations will be received by Welcoming America and go directly towards helping international students in the US.

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