Coronavirus: Florida lawyer says COVID-19 ‘edge of hell’

Malcolm Anthony described COVID-19 as going to the “edge of hell.”

While coronavirus affects people differently, with some showing no symptoms at all, others have died or fought life-threatening symptoms from the disease.

Anthony, a 61-year-old criminal defense lawyer from Ponte Vedra Beach, wasn’t hospitalized. Still, he struggled with COVID-19 and said the experience changed him.

“I’m just thankful I have a life,” he said.

Anthony said he’s not sure when or how he contracted COVID-19.

He went to The Players Championship on March 12. The PGA Tour announced that evening that the rest of the event was canceled.

He went about his normal life and felt fine, including going to to restaurants.

On that Monday he went to traffic court, “which is sometimes a mass of humanity,” he said.

A couple of days later, he didn’t feel well. That Thursday he called his doctor, who told him to quarantine himself and had him tested for COVID-19. It took 10 days before the test results confirmed he was positive.

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