Coachella threatens legal action against comedian’s imaginary music festival, Fauxchella

Is it my imagination but Coachella spend more time in court than finding acts to play what has always looked to me like an even worse version of Reading festival. You’ll know what I mean if you know what i mean !

Their latest outbreak of bickering is as follows

Meet comedian Alex Falcone, who loves fake bands from movies and TV shows. Last year he put together an imaginary music festival with many of his favorite fake bands, which he called “Fauxchella.” He made concert posters and t-shirts and everything. He also got a lot of messages from folks saying that he’d left out their favorite fake bands, so he did another version this year, Fauxchella 2023, with Mouse Rat (from Parks & Rec) as headliner, and featuring Pink Skip, Riverbottom Nightmare Band, and many more.


Hilariously/sadly/frighteningly though, the legal counsel for Coachella recently contacted him. They threatened him with legal action and made him remove the Fauxchella merchandise from his online store. Why? Because apparently Coachella owns the trademark for “chella.” So what did Falcone do? In a brilliant act of malicious compliance, he changed everything to “Fauxchello“—with an O at the end. So never fear, you can still buy Fauxchello merch here. Go rep your favorite fake band, and enjoy my favorite Mouse Rat song, “5,000 Candles In the Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian).”

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