Claridge’s Hotel: Candle firm changes name after legal battle with hotel

Yes .. it’s true. A small candle maker has been Clariged!

The BBC reports

The owner of a candle firm has agreed to change its name after a Mayfair hotel asked a judge to hand her a jail sentence for infringing its trademark.

Claridge’s Hotel Ltd said Denise Shepherd, who ran a business called Claridge Candles Ltd, had breached a judge’s order not to infringe a trademark and was in contempt of court.

The High Court was told on Friday Ms Shepherd had agreed to rename the firm.

Ms Shepherd, 64, had denied being in contempt of court.

Lawyers representing Claridge’s Hotel had asked Judge John Kimbell to consider imposing a suspended jail sentence.

Barrister Georgina Messenger, who led the hotel’s legal team, told Judge Kimbell that Ms Shepherd has agreed to change her company’s name.

‘Out of business’

At an earlier hearing Recorder Douglas Campbell was told Ms Shepherd, of Claridge Court, Hempstead, Gillingham, in Kent, was the sole owner of the candle firm, which had an address in Folkestone.

Ms Shepherd said she had made candles and sold them online and the name “Claridge” came from her address.

Recorder Campbell ruled that people may believe that Claridge Candles was linked to the hotel.

He had ordered Ms Shepherd not to infringe the hotel’s trademark.

Ms Messenger told Judge Kimbell Ms Shepherd had not complied and Claridge’s had been “left with no choice” but to bring a “committal” application.

Ms Shepherd said her company had gone out of business.

She said: “I don’t think the people who bought my candles would be the kind of people who would stay at Claridge’s.”

“As someone said to me, this was a ‘Goliath versus David’ battle.”