Citigroup protesters blockading NYC headquarters claim they were shoved by one of bank’s top lawyers

NY Post  – everybodys triggering each other!

Protesters who have been blockading the entrance of Citigroup’s New York City headquarters for more than a month claim they were shoved by one of the banking giant’s top lawyers in a violent scuffle caught on video — but the bank denies any wrongdoing by any of its employees.

Shocking footage of the incident obtained by The Post, which has also been circulating in edited form on Instagram, shows a man in a blue, button-down dress shirt and jeans pushing against a line of protesters who are holding what looks like a black barricade made to resemble an oil pipeline.

The protesters — who have taken aim at Citi over its ties to the oil industry and, more recently, its ties to the Israeli military amid the war in Gaza — claim that the man who shoved them was Arthur Kohn, Citi’s general counsel for ERISA, compensation and benefits.

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