China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) released a regulation on rewards, this week, for citizens reporting activities that endanger national security

Global Times

China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) on Monday released a regulation on rewards for citizens reporting activities that endanger national security who will be given an incentive based on the effectiveness and contribution of their reports, with the maximum amount exceeding 100,000 yuan ($15,000).

In the new release, China’s top security authorities have specified and clarified the conditions, methods, standards and procedures for rewarding citizens’ reports in accordance with the National Security Law, the Anti-Espionage Law and other laws and regulations.

China’s national security faces a grave and complex situation, as foreign intelligence agencies and hostile forces have significantly intensified their activities of infiltrating and stealing secrets from China, with more diversified means and a wider scope, media quoted a director from MSS saying.

Citizens across the country have actively reported situations that endanger state security to the authorities in recent years, playing an important role in punishing hazardous activities and preventing and defusing security risks, the director added.

Citizens whose reports meet three specific conditions at the same time will be rewarded with a maximum of over 100,000 yuan ($15,000). The citizen needs to provide a clear reporting target or details about the threat to national security, the reported situation is not already known by state security agencies or the citizen can provide more specific details, and the reported content is verified and has value.

The newly released regulation also lists the ways citizens can report, including calling the hotline of state security agencies, logging on to official websites, sending letters or reporting in person.

The security authorities encourage citizens to report under their real names and the identity and related information of the informant will be strictly confidential, read the regulation.

In case the personal safety of the informants and their families are in danger due to the reporting of acts endangering national security, they can request protection from the state security organs.

Meanwhile, if staff members of state security organs falsely claim rewards by forging reports, divulging information about a report or informant or taking advantage of their position to obtain rewards, they will be dealt with seriously and held criminally responsible in accordance with the law if their actions constitute a crime.

Informants will also be held criminally responsible in accordance with the law if they commit a crime, including intentionally fabricating facts to falsely accuse others, fraudulently claiming rewards, and spreading malicious reports that interfere with the work of the state security organs or leaking national security secrets.

Additionally, citizens who report against people or activities that endanger Chinese national security outside the Chinese mainland will also be rewarded accordingly to the new regulation.

Global Times