China Law Prof Banned From Travelling To Hong Kong Because Of His Choice Of Conference Attendance

You have to wonder.. we know this is the tip of the iceberg but let’s be honest it’s pretty petty stuff..

SCMP  reports

A law professor from Xian, in Shaanxi province, said his travel permit to Hong Kong was revoked after he attended a conference last month where Occupy Central organiser Dr Chan Kin-man spoke.

Chen Hongguo, an associate professor at Northwest University of Politics and Law, alleged the university’s management had tried to stop him from going to Hong Kong to attend the conference some 20 days ago, when he was on the way to the airport.

He insisted on continuing his trip, but soon after returning to Xian he found his travel permit to Hong Kong had been revoked. He then had difficulty when applying for a passport for a personal trip, as the university allegedly refused to provide supporting documents, according to Chen’s statement announcing his resignation yesterday.

“This is such a small matter and an ordinary right, but as a law teacher I could not even fight for mine,” Chen said. “I am not qualified to teach students on the belief in rule of law, value of due process, bottom line of justice, or the importance of rights.”

Chen admitted the supporting document for his Hong Kong travel permit was not fully completed, but added there has never been any forged document in his applications.

Northwest University of Politics and Law was not available for comment late last night.

Chan Kin-man said he spoke at the conference about the effect of civil society in Hong Kong on mainland China and Taiwan, and about Occupy Central as “scholars asked him about it”.

But he said his presence at the conference was “low-profile” and he did not have any direct exchange with Chen.