China Firm Wang Jing Publish Their First Legal Bulletin Of 2009

They write: In our first Legal Bulletin of 2009 and our 7th year of sending out the China Legal Bulletin we cover the three most pressing issues facing business in our troubled global economy; financing, due diligence, and grievances.

Article 1 is by Senior FDI Consultant Phenix Zheng and Tax Expert Deng Yong, and covers how troubled enterprises can cover any losses and right the ship during this current economic storm. We give an overview to readers concerning the possibility of obtaining loans abroad and within the PRC, as well as increasing your registered capital or completing an inter-business loan.

Article 2 Senior Consultant Maarten Roos approaches the sensitive subject of due diligence on your Chinese business partners and what the current policy is on release of such information. Maarten goes into detail about what is the best approach at the current time and what we can expect to see in the future from the local authorities regarding this type of investigation.

Article 3 we provide our reader with a brief report concerning the government¡¯s answer to foreign investors who are abandoning their investments in China. Recently guidelines have been issued that provide employee¡¯s in such a situation with the right to file a grievance against their employer that will trigger domestic disputes such as those linked to the international treaties China has recognized and therefore provides another way in which justice can be served.

See their website for links to both the English and Chinese versions of the bulletin.