China Firm Dacheng Makes Big Management Structure Changes

Dacheng unveils newly elected management team headed by firm founder Peng Xuefeng

Here’s what the Lawyer is reporting……
China’s largest firm by headcount Dacheng has appointed a new leadership team following a month-long election process.

The new leadership line-up is headed by Dacheng’s founder and chairman Peng Xuefeng, who has also been elected to lead the 17-member standing committee of the partnership, a new governance body introduced by the firm.

Beijing corporate partner Xiao Jinquan, who was previously the deputy chief of Dacheng’s management committee, has been voted in as the chair of the new supervising committee.

They key function of the standing committee is to debate and propose new policies and initiatives relating to the day-to-day business of the firm and the partnership. There are 13 specialised working groups under the standing committee, providing assistance and advice in areas such as finance, strategic planning, human resources, research and development and marketing to the firm’s partnership.

The Lawyer reported that Dacheng kicked-started an election process under a new governance and management structure in February (17 February 2014) .

The firm’s new management structure is made up of a 17-member standing committee, a five-member supervising committee and an executive committee. The new structure came into effect earlier this month and replaces Dacheng’s previous 15-member management committee. Members will serve a three-year term.

Dacheng said that the new structure reflects the firm’s intention to separate the power of debating, decision-making, execution and supervision and to lay an important foundation for effective corporate governance and management.

All of the firm’s 408 senior equity partners were eligible to self-nominate or be recommended by other senior equity partners for a leading role in the standing committee or supervising committee. Only the senior equity partners have the voting power for the management election.

The newly formed standing committee has appointed Beijing dispute resolution and IP partner Wang Jun as the chair of the executive committee. Wang is also a member of the standing committee. He is responsible of nominating the rest of the executive committee members with the approval of the standing committee.

Among the 22 leadership members, eleven, or half, are new to the management team. Younger partners are also increasingly represented, as at least five members are in their late 30s or early 40s. However, only one member is female lawyer – supervising committee member Li Junping.

According to the firm, it will replicate the new management structure in many of its local branch offices that have more than 100 lawyers. Dacheng’s Shanghai office, for example, has already adopted such structure.

At the end of 2013, Beijing-headquartered Dacheng had 3,247 lawyers, 887 of whom were partners. It has 50 branch offices globally, 41 of which are in China.

Dacheng’s new management team in full:

Chairman of the firm (chair of the standing committee): Peng Xuefeng

Members of the standing committee: Yu Zailing, Yu Xugang, Ma Jiangtao, Ma Wei (Kunming), Wang Jie (Xi’an), Wang Jun, Deng Yongquan, Ping Yunwang, Lv Liangbiao, Liu Haiping, Li Shoushuang, Wu Xiaoyao (Shanghai), Shen Yongming (Nanjing), Zhang Lei, Guo Hongqing (Xiamen), Guo Jingkai (Guangzhou)

Chair of the supervising committee: Xiao Jinquan

Members of the supervising committee: Wang Hanqi (Shanghai), Li Junping, Li Cheng (Nanjing), Dao Rina

Chair of the executive committee: Wang Jun

Note: all partners are based in Beijing unless specified.