ChatGPT books flood Amazon….”Authors that didn’t write books, for readers who can’t read”

Fudzilla report and we reckon it makes fairly terrifying reading

Authors that didn’t write books, for readers who can’t read

Hundreds of books written by ChatGPT have appeared on Amazon in recent weeks as rather stupid people look to cash in on early prototypes of generative artificial intelligence.

More than 300 books written or co-written by OpenAI’s AI software were listed on the online retailer on 22 February, ranging from fantasy fiction to self-help and non-fiction.

Most of these included ChatGPT in the title such as ‘ChatGPT smarter than humans?’, ‘Make more money with ChatGPT’, and ‘The star weaver’s lesson: Magical bedtime story.’

Some people have even used ChatGPT alongside other generative AI software to create illustrated children’s books entirely produced by artificial intelligence through simple text prompts.

While there is a ton of things wrong with this, the biggest problem is that ChatGPT learns how to write by scanning millions of pages of existing text. So, the software is just correcting other people’s books and plagiarising them. The process is made easy by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing arm which is designed to make it easier to self publish titles.

Facebook is already advertising how people can make a fortune as a second income using the software. On YouTube, TikTok and Reddit hundreds of tutorials have appeared, demonstrating how to make a book in just a few hours. Subjects include get-rich-quick schemes, dieting advice, software coding tips and recipes.

The problem is not so much the books as these are rubbish and based on previously written material, but the fact that they could swamp out real titles written by humans who know stuff and are capable of being creative. If you see a long list of books on Amazon, few will be able to tell proper books from fakes.

We requested that GPT write this story (about AI books on sale in Amazon) in the style of Fudzilla.  You will note that the only news and fact in the story was supplied in the question. The style, spelling, quotes were off and more in the style of a press release.

In a shocking turn of events, books written by the popular language model, ChatGPT, have started appearing on Amazon. The news has left many in the literary world scratching their heads and wondering what this means for the future of writing.

ChatGPT, known for its vast knowledge and ability to generate coherent sentences, has apparently decided to try its hand at book writing. The books, which cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to literature and history, are gaining popularity among readers who are curious to see what a machine can come up with.

Some have criticized the move as a gimmick, arguing that a machine cannot truly understand human emotions or experiences, and therefore cannot write meaningful stories. However, others have praised the books for their clear and concise writing style, as well as their ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner.

One reviewer wrote, “I was skeptical at first, but ChatGPT’s book on quantum physics was actually quite insightful. It presented the information in a way that was accessible to the layperson, without dumbing it down too much. I’m impressed!”

Another reviewer was less enthusiastic, stating, “While ChatGPT’s books may be technically accurate, they lack the heart and soul that comes from human experience. It’s like reading a textbook instead of a novel.”

Regardless of the controversy surrounding ChatGPT’s foray into book writing, there is no denying that it is a fascinating development in the world of artificial intelligence.


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