Charles Christian Publishes Tweet

Charles Christian the publisher of  Legal Technology Insider and The Orange Rag blog has started publishing his own Tweet as well..

Entitled   The Fourth Estate

It mixes all Charles’ interests up into one stew.. Law Firms, Legal Technology & Poetry.

Like Charles we believe poetry should top the bill unfortunately for him it’s legal technology that pays the bills

His latest post takes us to this  poem by Rachel Fox which does ring very true if like me you’ve spent a lot of time in playgrounds over the past few years. Although HOB hastens to add we don’t wear camo….

Dads army

In combat trousers
Some long
Some short
They wear the modern camouflage
For parks and play areas
It’s a must
The beige and grey and khaki green
Nice modern men blend in
Avoid unnecessary conversations
Mums can’t seem to dodge so well
These are the loaded guns
“He’s very small isn’t he?”
“Does she eat fruit?”
“Oh, an only child”

Shaven heads
Trainers in winter
Maybe risking open sandals
In summer
But in a neutral colour
Dads keep their mouths closed
Their eyes and ears open
Not at war but always prepared
They don’t fall in traps
Mums could learn a lot from their approach
No hearts on sleeves
No nervous wittering
No defensive play
Just cropped heads steady
Resolve firm
No time wasted
We’re here to play, kids
So play