Charging Orders on Land: Law, Practice and Precedents 2nd ed


ISBN13: 9780854903436
Previous Edition ISBN: 9780854901241
Published: January 2024
Publisher: Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £110.00

Charging Orders on Land: Law, Practice and Precedents (first edition published as The Law and Practice of Charging Orders on Land ) is an authoritative and practical guide to the issues of enforcement of money judgments by obtaining a charging order over the debtor’s property and then an order for sale. Such orders are frequently sought but can give rise to difficult issues, particularly in terms of the exercise of discretion by the courts and in relation to priorities.

Not only does the book examine the legal principles, but it explains how to apply for a charging order. It provides practical advice and sets out the relevant procedural steps for each stage of enforcement. Less usual situations, such as sanctions, overseas entities, and tenanted property, are also covered.

The second edition deals with the new CPR procedure for obtaining charging orders and provides practitioners with a wide range of useful precedents. This edition also contains a new chapter on insolvency regimes.

“Any practitioner involved in this highly specialised area will find this comprehensive and carefully researched legal text well-nigh indispensable.”

Phillip Taylor, Richmond Green Chambers