Changes In The Structure Of The Australian Court System

Lawyers Weekly Australia reports that the Federal Government has announced an overhaul of the Federal Court system …….


Which will see the Federal Magistrates Court merge with the Family Court and the Federal Court.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said on Tuesday afternoon that the restructure would improve the efficiency of the Court system and remove confusion about the jurisdiction of each of the courts over family law matters.

"Ensuring the courts are structured and administered to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service to the Australian community is a key element in improving access to justice," McClelland said.

"The reforms will effectively create a one-stop-shop in family and other federal law matters, ensuring an integrated and accessible system that focuses on dispute resolution," he said.

The Government projects that the restructure will produce savings of $7.8 million over four years by reducing duplicated administration costs.

The restructure follows the recommendations of the November 2008 Government report, Future Governance Options for Federal Family Law Courts in Australia.