Chambers Newsletter | June Updates

Chambers Newsletter | June Updates

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This month’s Chambers Newsletter covers the latest Global Practice Guides, articles, podcasts, and videos from Expert Focus, as well as all our upcoming events.

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Chambers Global Practice Guides and Chambers Expert Focus

Our Global Practice Guides are yearly online guides that include articles written by legal experts around the world in many areas of business law. The articles in our guides are in-depth commentaries from the best in their field – and because they come from lawyers on every continent, they allow the reader to compare the legislation and procedures described in these articles across different jurisdictions.

Chambers Expert Focus provides multimedia content (articles, videos and podcasts) featuring legal professionals who offer fresh and concise insight into international legal practices.

Trending in Global Practice Guides

Product Liability & Safety 2024

Published 20 June 2024

Practitioners refer to product liability when they deal with the legislation concerning the risks, responsibilities and liabilities of manufacturers as they make their products; this is a complex group of laws and regulations which recently have had to address the challenges given by new technology, new marketing models and internet/e-commerce. Our Product Liability 2024 e-guide, authored by international legal experts in this field, is an invaluable tool that ope…