Carl Minzer Post: new China Courts Post 4th Plenum

This is a follow-through from language from the 4th plenum decision. It will exercise the Supreme Court’s power/jurisdiction (i.e. – it’s a????), but will be physically located in Shenzhen.  It’s charged with hearing cross-jurisdictional and “important” administrative and commerical cases from Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan.  Another steptowards judicial centralization, in an effort to combat local protectionism.

Second one to be set up on January 31st in Shenyang – will cover Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang.

Longer discussion here:

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Carl Minzner
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A)   My late December blogpost highlights the names of some of the senior
members of the courts (and their establishment).  The courts are called tribunals (??) to fit
into the existing structure of the People’s Court Law.
Regulations on the jurisdiction of these courts were released to the
public on January 28 (

Susan Finder
Supreme People’s Court Monitor
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Faculty of Law
University of Hong Kong


B)  And let’s not forget the new “specialized” administrative courts at the intermediate level, in Beijing and Shanghai:

All speculation, yet, but my money is on these proving the more significant in the short term at least….

Neysun A. Mahboubi????
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Center for the Study of Contemporary China
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