Canada: Police on B.C. island respond to reports of mysterious screaming — and find a ‘sad goat’

CBC news

No ghouls, just goats.

That’s the final verdict from Quadra Island RCMP after officers responded last month to reports of someone screaming near a ravine.

As it turns out, what sounded like someone yelling in distress on Oct. 30 was actually a mama goat calling for her babies that had just been removed from her care — and not, in fact, someone who had fallen off a cliff.

“Further investigation revealed that the ‘help’ heard was actually a sad goat from neighbouring goat farm,” reads a statement from the local RCMP detachment.

Quadra is located in the Discovery Islands, a group of small islands on the Inside Passage between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. Quadra Island is the largest in the archipelago at about 310 square kilometres.