Canada David Doorey, associate professor of work law launches blog publishes books

David Doorey, an associate professor of work law at York University, recently celebrated the launch of a blog and the release of two new books, each of which explore issues related to work law and labour policy.

The new blog, Canadian Law of Work Forum, is a collaborative online space for academics, legal practitioners and students to discuss and exchange ideas on work law, labour policy and industrial relations.

Doorey announced the forum’s Student Blog Initiative, giving Canadian law and graduate students an opportunity to earn $200 to help them through the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing content to the website.

Those interested in making a submission or supporting the initiative should email Doorey at [email protected].

Doorey’s new book Canadian Labour Relations: Law Policy, and Practice, 2nd Editionreleased in February 2020 and co-written with York alumna Alison Braley Rattai, professor of labour studies at Brock University, provides an in-depth analysis of Canadian collective bargaining law and policy.

Canadian Labour Relations: Law, policy, and practice

Canadian Labour Relations: Law, policy, and practice

The new edition, which includes labour relations exercises at the end of chapters, uncovers topics such as labour movement history, the unionization process and unfair labour practices, collective bargaining and industrial conflict.

The book’s contributors consider debates in collective bargaining law and policy, including the use of card-check versus mandatory votes to test employee wishes on unionization, whether replacement workers should be permitted and whether the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has advanced labour rights.

The Law of Work, 2nd Editionreleased in March 2020, examines legal regimes of work including common law, regulatory standards and collective bargaining, and how those regimes interact with one another. Described as ideal for a non-legal audience, the text considers the social context in which these laws are made and draws from various disciplines, including economics, management studies and history.

Both of Doorey’s new books are available for purchase from Emond Publishing.