Canada: B.C. calls end to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy

British Columbia is putting an end to its COVID-19 vaccination policy for government workers that has been in place since November 2021.

B.C. Public Service employees will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination against the virus starting April 3, the province’s Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Friday.

“The decision to rescind the policy was made based on the high level of vaccination among public-service employees and the current state of the pandemic,” said the ministry.

More than 98% of employees met the requirement, it said.

The vaccine mandate “was always intended as a temporary measure to help protect employees and the people they serve,” it added.

The change will also mean contractors and other non-employees do not need to be vaccinated to enter BC Public Service workplaces.

B.C.’s announcement came about nine months after Ottawa lifted the same policy implemented on federally regulated transportation workers in June 2022.