Call to tighten New Zealand law that allows public pooing if no one watching!

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Camping association wants overhaul of law to ensure that waste is properly buried and at least 50 metres from nearest waterway

New Zealand law allowing people to poo in public – so long as they do not think they are being watched – must be tightened, says a freedom camping association, amid long-running allegations that campers are to blame for much of the human waste in the natural environment.

It is currently an offence to defecate or urinate in a public place (other than in a public lavatory), but, if the person can show they had reasonable grounds for believing they were not being observed, they may be able to escape a $200 fine.

The Responsible Campers Association Inc argues the law should also require people to show they conducted their business at least 50 metres from a waterway and the waste is buried to at least 15cm.

“It is not so much the action which creates concern, but the visible after-effects,” said Bob Osborne, the group’s spokesperson.

The group started in 2017 to advocate for freedom campers – people who stay free of charge on public lands – on the basis that the mode of camping should not be targeted, but rather individuals behaving badly.

Freedom camping signs at Sunburst Reserve in Snells Beach in Auckland, New Zealand
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Freedom camping has hit the country’s headlines in recent years over concerns about its impact on the environment, especially when it comes to campers’ personal waste.

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