Burger Wars: Big Jack’: McDonald’s loses legal food fight over Australian rival’s choice of burger name

Is it my imagination but sometimes it almost feels as though the courts are clogged up with endless burger battles..it certainly is indicative as to where we are going as a civilisation…

The Guardian

Court rules Hungry Jack’s had not infringed on trademark, but had misled consumers over ‘25% more Aussie beef’ claim.

McDonald’s has lost a three-year trademark battle over the sale of “Big Jack” burgers sold by its rival, Hungry Jack’s.

The US hamburger giant sued Hungry Jack’s in 2020, claiming its sale of the Big Jack and Mega Jack burgers infringed the Big Mac trademark.

On Thursday the federal court dismissed the allegations, saying neither burger brand was deceptively similar to the Big Mac and Hungry Jack’s had not engaged in trademark infringement.

But McDonald’s succeeded on a separate consumer law claim. The court found Hungry Jack’s had misled consumers by advertising that its Big Jack burger contained “25% more Aussie beef” than its Big Mac counterpart.

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