Brazil: Lawyer is shot dead in front of the Bar headquarters in Rio

Lawyer Rodrigo Marinho Crespo was murdered in the middle of the afternoon on Monday, February 26, in front of the headquarters of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

The information is from Globo.

Crespo was a partner at Marinho e Lima Advogados. The office specializes in Civil and Business Law.


According to information from the Military Police, Crespo was the target of several shots.

The execution took place after a car stopped next to him. According to witnesses, the suspect called the lawyer by name before opening fire.

The Capital Homicide Police Station (DHC) was called and has already requested an expert examination of the location.

OAB-RJ demonstration

On its official Instagram profile, OAB-RJ regretted what happened and stated that it will closely monitor the investigation into the crime.

The statement also revealed that the entity’s president, Luciano Bandeira, established contact with the state’s Secretary of Public Security, Victor César dos Santos.

The OAB, in addition to expressing its condolences to the victim’s family and friends, demanded speed in the investigations.

The entity used its social networks to share the news with other professional colleagues and the general population.

The OAB-RJ press office has not yet officially commented on the case.

Until the conclusion of this article, no one had been arrested for the murder of Rodrigo Marinho Crespo. The Police continue with the investigations.

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Brazil: Lawyer is shot dead in front of the Bar headquarters in Rio