Brazil: Lawyer, 33, is arrested for shooting man, 73, after argument over a dog

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Brazilian lawyer, Luis França, was apprehended after he shot and killed his neighbor, Manoel de Oliveria, in front of their residential complex in the southeastern city of Vitória on Saturday. França told police he fired his weapon after de Oliveria fired the first shot


The Daily Mail

A lawyer has been arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his 73-year-old neighbor following an argument over the victim’s unleashed dog.

Surveillance footage captured Luis França, 33, walking his own dog before he pulled out his gun and fired at Manoel de Oliveria, 73, outside their residential complex in the southeastern city of Vitória, Brazil, on Saturday.

Authorities said more than 30 shots were exchanged in the wild west-style shootout that unfolded after França confronted de Oliveria and his wife, Marília Pepino, in the courtyard because their pet Alaskan malamute did not have his leash and muzzle on.

Pepino told TV Vitória that her husband returned to their apartment to retrieve a gun and kept it in his waistband before França took his weapon out and began firing.

‘The discussion started here in the square. We were sitting, he (Luis) started insulting us,’ Pepino said. ‘My husband hadn’t said anything, nothing to him. Nothing! He was the one who started saying: ‘I already told you, old man, to you put a collar on that dog.”

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