Bookseller (UK) Publishes Article On Publishing Industry

We highlight this article because although things may be tough at the moment it appears you legal publishers out there are the lucky ones …

Unless, of course, you are a woman.

You know what’s coming next .. you still get paid less than the men on average in 2009. No surprise there. Here at HOB we find this more than outrageous as each year comes and goes.. there wouldn’t be a publishing industry without women.

All we can say is that we are glad that Kluwer is looking so good at the moment as it proves yet again that having a woman at the helm should be the norm in an industry where a hefty % of the workforce have to manage both home and a worklife.

And now the good news … The Bookseller report reveals

Academic publishing produced the lowest average salary of £23,086, with trade publishing producing an average of £25,077 and STM publishing producing an average of £25,926. The most lucrative area of publishing to be in was business, professional or legal publishing with an average salary of £26,170.

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