BNP Paribas lawyer in racist slur calls Asian Co-Worker “Cheeky-Chink”.

London’s City AM reports

A top lawyer at French bank BNP Paribas has called an Asian co-worker a “Cheeky-Chink”.

Benoit Faure, head of legal for equity capital markets at the bank, made the slur last May after the employee asked him to hand over spreadsheet data.

Faure’s comment was made to another colleague after he had already thanked the female co-worker.

The comment comes after another BNP Paribas senior worker, Benedict Foster, issued an apology after calling an Asian colleague “Hu She”.

“I have said things to colleagues that were unacceptable. While a full investigation found no racist intent on my part, I understand that certain remarks made by me caused offence,” Foster told The Telegraph.”

The female worker is the same person Faure called a “Cheeky-Chink”.

The news was first reported by the news website RollOnFriday.

An inside source at the French bank said Faure has form of writing “offensive things,” but stressed he was not racist.

He has been suspended for his actions, the insider said.

Another BNP Paribas lawyer in racist slur furore