Blog Article … 3 Geeks & A Law Blog: Review of 2013 Legal Research Vendors’ Mergers, Acquistions, and Partnerships


The year started out with a trio of mergers in the legal information field when Thomson Reuters announced it was acquiring PLC, and Learnlive, and LexisNexis announced it was acquiring Knowledge Mosaic. The activity tappered off a bit after that initial first week flurry, but there have been a number of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships throughout 2013 and we thought we’d review what has changed this year.

LexisNexis Acquires Knowledge Mosaic – Jan 2013
Thomson Reuters (TR) Acquires PLC – Jan 2013
TR Acquires LearnLive – Jan 2013
TR and CQ Roll Call Alliance – Jan 2013
Lexis Acquires 55 Titles from Oxford University Press – Mar 2013
LexisNexis Acquires Sheshunoff and A.S. Pratt – May 2013
IntApp Acquires DTE Axiom – June 2013
Hein and Fastcase Announce Publishing Partnership – July 2013
TransUnion Acquires TLO – Nov 2013
Mergermarket sold to BC Partners – Nov 2013
Sirsi Acquires EOS – Nov 2013
I’m sure we’ve missed a few other activities that happened in 2013. Feel free to add those in the comments.

Let’s see what 2014 brings in the great shrinkage of legal information providers.