Black law student in Rhode Island says deputy mistook her for a defendant

In a viral TikTok video, a law student representing a client said a deputy questioned her as she tried to enter a courtroom last week in Providence, Rhode Island.

Under what’s known as Rhode Island Supreme Court Rule 9, law students are allowed to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases in state District Court under the supervision of a licensed attorney on the RWU Law faculty. On Thursday, Crockton lined up with other attorneys at the Garrahy Judicial Complex in Providence, preparing to enter a courtroom to represent a client in a misdemeanor case. But she said a sheriff’s deputy, who provides security for the court, placed “his de ella body between me and the door” and asked her to step aside.

After allowing other attorneys to enter, the deputy asked her name and told her he didn’t see it on the docket. She said he asked her: “Are you sure you are in the right courtroom? Are you the defendant?”


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