Billy Joe Shaver’s estate is at the center of a legal battle involving Willie Nelson’s nephew,

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Billy Joe Shaver‘s estate is at the center of a legal battle involving Willie Nelson‘s nephew, and the dispute will likely have to be resolved by a McLennan County, Texas jury. Back on June 2, a county judge dismissed Fred Fletcher’s request to toss a 2003 will that names Shaver’s nephew, Terry Dwayne Rogers, the inheritor of Shaver’s estate. Fletcher is the son of Nelson’s sister, the late Bobbie Nelson.

McLennan County Court-at-Law Judge Vik Deivanayagam rejected the summary judgment motion from Fletcher, reports KWTX. The ruling only affected Fletcher’s attempt to stop the will Rogers wanted to take into probate proceedings. Deivanayagam will later schedule another hearing on the motion from Rogers, who wants to dismiss the 2008 hand-written will that Fletcher says leaves the Shaver estate to him. The judge also named retired state district judge Robert Stern as the temporary administrator of Shaver’s estate until the dispute is solved.

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