BIALL Wants You To Write

BIALL (British & Irish Assoc of Law Libraries) is looking for writing partners and contributors …..

They wrote in an email sent out last week.


Have you ever thought about writing for library publications, but weren’t sure what to write about or who to approach?

In conjunction with creating it’s Register of Experts, the BIALL PR & Promotions Committee is looking for volunteers to contribute articles over the next few months to various publications. These articles would be for publications aimed at the wider library community, so should focus on discussing the issues that are affecting legal and commercial information services which would be of interest to all information professionals.

Hot topics which will be warmly welcomed include:

  • The future roles of the commercial information professional, or information management, in the 21st century
  • The use of Web 2.0 technologies, enterprise-wide searching, and federated searching etc – the processes involved and its problems or successes


  • Introductions to finding and understanding a) European legislation and b) US legislation (i.e. state laws v federal laws)
  • A legal professional’s take on the recent changes to compliance  and anti-money laundering

We are also particularly keen to find volunteers to contribute to two lengthier, collaborative articles:

  • The first would be a comparison of the differences between working as a solo librarian, or in mid-tier and also in magical circle firms. This would look at such aspects as a) how much research is self-service, and how much is done by an information professional; b) to what extent are lawyers more IT literate than in the past; and c) to what extent information professionals do or don’t collaborate with their IT departments.
  • And most importantly, given the current climate, we would like to organise a piece on how the shake-up in the financial services market is affecting legal and commercial librarians and giving some top tips on surviving in a recession. We would ideally be looking to organise discussions with heads of services from a variety of firms to talk about how the current economic changes have affected them and how they feel the information profession should react. If anyone has a particular interest in assisting with the collation and writing of this article, this would be very helpful.

Of course, any other topics you feel would be of interest to the wider library community are always keenly welcomed.
If you would like to contribute an article on one of the topics mentioned above, or be involved in the collaborative articles, please contact myself at anne.coles(at)lg-legal(dot)com. If you would like to register your interest for future articles on different topics, or find out more about the Register of Experts, please contact Vivian Grange at vivian.grange(at)freethcartwright(dot)co(dot)uk