Bentley Motors loses trademark battle against family-run Manchester firm

A family-run clothing business has won a court battle against luxury car manufacturer Bentley over a long-running trademark dispute.

In a ruling at the High Court in London on Friday, a judge concluded the car maker had infringed the trademark rights of Manchester-based Bentley Clothing by using the Bentley name on its own range of goods.

As a result, Bentley Motors will no longer be able to use the name – either on its own or in conjunction with its famous “wings” logo – on its clothing range in the UK.

It will also have to limit its range in future to “jackets, silk ties, caps and scarves” and will not be allowed to sell other types of clothing or headgear.

In a statement after the ruling, Bentley Clothing director Chris Lees said: “I could either let Volkswagen-owned Bentley Motors take from us what had been my family’s since 1990, or spend 15 years and our life savings fighting them.

“It’s been ruinous, financially and emotionally, and today’s decision is a huge relief.”

His lawyers said Bentley Motors may now have to pay damages and will also have to either hand over or destroy any items in its possession which infringe the trademark.

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