Bahamas: Eugene Dupuch Law School signs MOU to expand delivery of legal education, aid services

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Eugene Dupuch Law School (EDLS) has deepened its relationship with The Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (APEX) with a Memorandum of Understanding for Co-Operation (MOU).

The MOU formalized collaborations between EDLS and APEX to expand the delivery of legal education and support the provision of legal aid services in The Bahamas, to ultimately benefit the wider Caribbean.

Principal of the Eugene Dupuch Law School Tonya Bastian Galanis said: “EDLS has long utilized technology to enhance our service delivery. In light of technology’s growing impact and influence on the legal profession and beyond, we recognize the need to more fulsomely incorporate technology into our programmes and services.  This collaboration with APEX provides a wonderful opportunity to do just that.”

“We are thrilled to advance our strategic partnership with APEX in such a meaningful way and look forward to achieving our objectives and advancing the digitization of legal education and services.”

Through this MOU, the institutions intend to increase awareness of the role of technology within the legal profession, broaden the scope of continuing legal education programmes available and create solutions to enhance the capacity of both EDLS and its Legal Aid Clinic.

According to a press statement, the organizations expect the fruit of this strategic partnership to be seen in the roll out of new continuing legal education courses, professional development programmes, and supporting technology applications for The Bahamas, the Caribbean and global audiences.

Additionally, it is expected that EDLS and APEX will align resources to coordinate research and training events and facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices and to raise public awareness of developments in the legal sector.

Executive Director of APEX Bevil Wooding said: “We recognize the importance of building human resource as well as technical capacity locally  and regionally to support the justice sector. Our collaboration with EDLS is designed to accelerate the delivery of innovative approaches and solutions to support legal education and legal aid programmes.”

Eugene Dupuch Law School signs MOU to expand delivery of legal education, aid services