Bad Trip Maan! Law Sites Report ..”LexisNexis Rolls Out Lexis+ AI for General Availability, Promising Hallucination-Free Answers to Legal Questions”

No hallucinations then about a reasonably priced Lexis Nexis product!

This is what Ambrogi says and they won’t even let him give it a test run.

Business as usual then

Even he is being a bit attack dog about their full of shit marketing as he rightly points out in this part of his report


It also says:

“Lexis+ AI is the only legal generative AI solution with citations linked in its responses, providing trusted legal results backed by verifiable authority. It minimizes the risk of invented content, or hallucinations, and checks all citations against Shepard’s to ensure citation validation. The solution also offers users the ability to input specific citations to verify accuracy and flag when a citation might be wrong. Customers can give instant feedback within the product to continually improve product performance, content relevance, and overall product accuracy.”

Inline citations in vLex.

I asked a spokesperson to clarify this, as my understanding is that it is not correct that this is the only legal generative AI product with citations linked inline in its responses. For one, the new Vincent AI from vLex does that, as I wrote when it launched last week.

The spokesperson responded:

“While we do not comment on specific third-party announcements and this specific product is labeled as a product in beta, our claim relates to our focus on placement of citations with answer components from our Lexis+ AI large language model service.

“From public source materials, the authority in the referenced product is not inline with specific legal concepts or holdings. Lexis+ AI both lists citations inline in response, provides additional citation references and key Shepard’s indicators.”

My understanding is otherwise, in that the vLex product does contain citations directly inline in its answers. (See screencap.) That said, whether Lexis or vLex or someone else was first to offer this is not really important in the scheme of things.


Blah de blah de blah and i don’t mean Ambrogi just the usual Lexis blurb i’ve now been reading on repeat for 30 years. Why i do this to myself I don’t know