Auto Insurance In Ontario- How It Keeps You Legally Safe

Canadian drivers often see auto insurance as a wise money move that protects them from the expense of damage and accidents. But you will be surprised to learn that it is mandatory by law, and the provincial government monitors the industry closely. Each province has its norms, and drivers need to follow them to avoid legal trouble. If you are in Ontario, you cannot drive with auto insurance. Failure to have it can lead to expensive penalties and license suspensions. There is also a risk of having your vehicle impounded. Auto insurance keeps you legally safe, so you must not skimp on it. Here are the facts you need to know about Ontario’s auto insurance law.

The history of mandatory auto insurance in Ontario

Ontario introduced the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act in 1990. The act aims to protect all drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. Some of them may not be in a position to bear the costs of healthcare and rehabilitation. Moreover, victims are unlikely to get adequate compensation from drivers at fault in many cases. Auto insurance coverage can address both concerns. Each province has provincial minimum coverage requirements for drivers, and Ontario has set $200,000 as a minimum amount. It gives drivers a means to recover if they get into a mishap at any point on the road.

Coverage for drivers

Besides keeping you legally safe, auto insurance offers accident benefits coverage in the event of a mishap. You get coverage for medical care, rehabilitation, and income replacement if injured in a mishap, no matter who is at fault. The best part is that your mandatory coverage protects you even if the accident occurs with an uninsured driver or an unidentified hit and run driver. It applies to all Ontario residents, wherever you live in the province. So Ottawa residents must Get an auto insurance quote today in Ottawa to be legally and financially safe at all times. Besides the mandatory coverage, you can get more for at-fault accidents, theft, vandalism, and fire. You can also buy additional features such as vehicle depreciation waivers and accident protection.

Requirements for auto insurance

Buying insurance should be a priority for all drivers. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned driver, you must have adequate coverage. Additionally, you have to renew your policy after every term to ensure continuous coverage. You will require some basic documentation while buying a policy. Ensure you have the following at hand.

  • Your driver’s license
  • Vehicle information
  • Current insurance company
  • Previous tickets, including the ones you go on a learner’s permit
  • Previous claims, including the ones you go on a learner’s permit

Auto insurance is mandatory for protecting drivers, so you should not consider it a burden. It keeps you safe in the event of a mishap and gives peace of mind when you are on the road. Just make sure you have adequate coverage to protect you from all contingencies. You can shop and compare to find a policy that does not burn a hole in your wallet.