Australia’s Lawyers Weekly Choose Their Favourite Legal Podcasts

Here’s their top 10


  1. The Law Report, ABC Radio National’s flagship legal affairs program is a long-standing and informative way to stay abreast of contemporary and quirky legal developments. We’re a big fan of Damien Carrick and the audio platform his weekly program has given some of the legal profession’s juiciest brains.
  2. Some time ago we interviewed the brains behind the Fighting for Fair podcast series commissioned by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. The project, created for the firm by women’s network Mamamia, is a once off but each of the episodes make for quality listening and try in earnest to convey the human dimension of the law by telling simple stories about some pretty exceptional people. Check it out if you have time!
  3. Fresh out of the podcast oven, Monash University has just launched a new series called Just Cases. The focus is on court cases and the people who are caught in the crossfire of litigation in the Australian justice system. One of the first guests to feature on the Just Cases show is Robert French, recently retired chief justice of the High Court of Australia and the new chancellor of the University of Western Australia. Props to legal academic Melissa Castan for this new project – we’re excited to hear about its evolution!
  4. Salvos Legal has rolled out an audio solution to legal education with the launch of The Good Law Podcast earlier this year. Covering topics from ethics to mental health, special leave applications in the High Court and family law basics. Listeners do have to pay to access the nuggets of legal know-how in these podcasts but in return receive 1 CLE/CPD point. Plus, all episode proceeds go towards the delivery of free legal services to vulnerable Australians so there is a real altruistic kick to this podcast experience.
  5. Want more on law and order? Tune in to Prima Facie, a program that is up to its 40th episode featuring Victorian duo Ron Killeen and David Mejia-Canales, an ex-copper and real-life lawyer respectively. The pair canvasses a range of political and legal issues in their podcasts and put a conversational lens on what can be some hefty, high-brow topics.
  6. Beyond Billables has crashed on to the legal listening scene, offering a different take on a career in law. Collegiality is the name of the game on these airwaves. The group’s ethos is all about celebrating success and giving lawyers tools to help transform their careers and lives. Beyond Billables is hosted by two ex-lawyers, Maciek Motylinski and Michael Bromley, who now moonlight as legal recruiters looking to empower their old ilk.
  7. Clarissa Rayward’s Happy Lawyer, Happy Life philosophy has turned into an all-encompassing mission to spread the joy throughout the profession. It started with a book and then there was a blog, but now you can engage with her happy ideas by listening to a podcast (backed by the College of Law). What might seem like clever branding at first blush, this Queensland family lawyer has used her entrepreneurial sass to get lawyers to turn the tide on talk about anxiety and depression and instead is nurturing our focus on the good stuff. It’s good stuff. Check it out.
  8. Hello from the other side! The Hearsay podcast keeps a nice pace with episodes that run for about an hour. Pitched at VCE legal studies students and everybody else, the program is hosted by Melbourne-based high school teacher Robert Corr. He has a law degree and at various stages of his career has worked as an electorate office for some state politicians, as a judge’s associate in the Supreme Court of Victoria and for the Commonwealth DPP.
  9. And to cap off our top 10 podcasts – two true crime offerings for the hungry ears of legal eagles. ABC Radio’s Trace delves into the mysterious, unsolved murder of Maria James in Melbourne in 1980. Investigative journalist Rachael Brown follows the twists and turns of this dark case, assisted by Maria’s two sons.
  10. Casefile – Led by an anonymous host, this podcast delves extensively into one murder case each episode. It offers thorough investigations into many of Australia’s most gripping cases, as well as some from overseas.