Australian Lawyers Weekly & Taylor Roots Aussue Lawyers Salary Guide In The Time Of Covid

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For over 20 years, Taylor Root has produced our annual salary guide in July, and despite COVID-19 we wanted to continue the tradition.

2019 and the first few months of 2020 read very differently to the months that followed. The advent of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown measures in March 2020 brought the economy to an abrupt halt. Despite the initial fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus, law firms across Australia and the globe acted quickly and adapted swiftly from daily life at the office to a remote workforce confined to their homes.

As the business impacts of COVID-19 grew, managing those impacts were prioritised by law firms and we inevitably saw many firms pause recruitment

Conversations with lawyers shifted from vacancy focused to career focused. Countless discussions were had around how to progress their career, what trajectory looks like at firms outside of their own, and the importance of self-branding. For many lawyers it was the first such advisory discussion they had ever had.

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