Australian Lawyer Says Being A DJ Helps Her De-stress

Lawyers Weekly Australia

Tutty revealed that her passion for music and her aspiration to become a DJ originated during her time at university, where she was studying law.

“When I was at university, I had discovered nightclubs and going out, dancing and DJs, and I really got into house music, which was my choice of electronic music, and I wanted to become a DJ,” she said.

Tutty recounted that her experience as a DJ and spending time at the clubs unexpectedly provided her with the opportunity to engage with various individuals, ultimately contributing to her building up her own client base.

“That was actually the reason why I was able to get my own clients at my first firm. I was able to bring clients in through literally being in a nightclub and having a chat. What do you do? I’m a lawyer. Oh, I’ve got this business, or I’m a promoter, or I’m an artist; I should speak to you. I’m like, here’s my phone number, and sometimes, I would call up, and we would actually work together,” she said.


I probably wouldn’t have chosen law unless I could work with creative people because I need that stimulation and that inspiration from what my clients are doing. Whether they’re painting or creating beautiful architectural plans for their clients, I just feel like I’m involved in the pursuit of creativity and beautiful things, and it really gives me fulfilment in my job,” she said.

Tutty articulated that balancing the analytical demands of law with the creative and expressive nature of DJing has been central to maintaining her overall wellbeing while fostering significant professional development.

“I don’t know if other people feel the same way, but I can find the letter of the law to be quite dry and sort of very black and white, and there’s a right and wrong way to do something.

“It’s really important for me to get into a different side of my brain and just kind of immerse myself and lose myself in something that’s not so strict by the book, like playing music or doing art or whatever else people do. It just allows you to be free,” she said.

She further said: “It just basically helps with my stress. It keeps me motivated, keeps me enjoying life, and it balances out those days where it’s just sitting at my desk for 12 hours, reading contracts, writing contracts, editing, or giving detailed advice to clients. It enables me to keep a real balance.”

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