Australian Law firm considering class action against Sony Music Australia inundated with responses

Macdougall & Hydes Lawyers, the firm weighing up a class action against Sony Music Australia, has said it has been overwhelmed by the amount of enquiries from former staff members.

The major label hit the headlines when long-serving CEO Denis Handlin was sacked, and questions remain about the allegedly toxic culture which was allowed to thrive within the organisation.

News of the potential class action broke last month, with a number of former employees reportedly considering their legal options.

Lauren MacDougall then encouraged more people to come forward so the firm could assess its potential.

Since the original article on The Sydney Morning Herald, MacDougall said she had been inundated with responses.

“There was and continues to be an overwhelming response to the SMH article… with about 40+ people contacting me over the past few days,” MacDougall told TMN recently.

“Class actions are not straight forward, and a decision to institute one depends on so many factors. In short, it is far too soon to confirm the position when I have not had sufficient time to respond to all of the people that have contacted me to ascertain what their position is and what their expectations are.”

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