Australian foot fetish lawyer sent humiliation fantasies to colleagues

Yes you read that headline correctly..

Roll On Friday writes

A lawyer in Australia who exhibited an uncontrollable urge to tell other lawyers about his foot fetish has been suspended from working in the profession for nine months.

John Abou Haidar went overboard with his kink in September 2019 when he emailed another lawyer, ‘Ms C’, at her business address, and a barrister, ‘Mr A’, at his chambers, asking if they knew another lawyer, ‘Ms B’, and if they could help him obtain work with her.

Unfortunately he made several other comments which hindered his chances of a positive referral.

Haidar, who was 28 at the time, asked, “Have you ever had an orgasm – from a male – licking the bottom of your feet (softly to make you laugh, firmly to make you feel empowered) – sucking your toes – licking the gap in between your toes – try find a guy that has given more girls organisms [sic] by being under their feet then [sic] me. ? Bit of a weird flex/brag”.

Targeting Ms C, with whom he had clerked for Mr A a few years earlier, Haidar wrote, “I remember all the shoes I saw [Ms C] wear in my time at [chambers]. Bit weird? ? I wank about [Ms C]’s feet way more than is healthy. The way you would dangle your heels, change your shoes, take your shoes of [sic]… Oh my days”.

He attached various screenshots including one of a news article about Ms B pleading guilty to drug and drink-driving charges, and a picture of a Hindu deity which the tribunal said “could be taken as a depiction of the Lawyer’s sexual fetishes”.

When Ms B was passed a copy of the email, she contacted Haidar and told him it was inappropriate and “not conducive to the advancement of his legal career”.

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