Australian Criminal Lawyer Publishes Her Thoughts On Being A Covid-19 Survivor

Australian Lawyers weekl reports on lawyer, Debbie Kilroy OAM, who found out she had tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Australia from the US on the same flight as Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was on before he confirmed he had contracted the virus.

Lawyers Weekly Australia reports..

Ms Kilroy serves as head of Sisters Inside, which is an advocacy group for female prisoners who made the trip to the US recently.

She found that she had tested positive, along with her friend Boneta-Marie Mabo, Aboriginal and Torres Strait rights advocate and Eddie Mabo’s granddaughter after three days of isolation upon her return.

After arriving back in Australia with her advocacy group, Ms Kilroy said she was feeling fine during the initial period of quarantine.

“I’m healthy and should be fine after 14 days,” Ms Kilroy posted on Twitter.

But in the afternoon after she had posted that her condition began to worsen.

“Day 3 in quarantine in our community,” she posted.

“I feel quite unwell with flu-like symptoms. Don’t risk your health [be]cause [the] virus is vicious. Self-quarantine and take care everyone.”

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