Australian Baker & Mackenzie Partner Describes His Mumbai Experience

Above the Law blog has published a piece about David Jacobs an Australian partner at legal giant Baker & McKenzie…

Jacobs was trapped for two days at the Oberoi/Trident Hotel and describes his experiences..


The article is well worth a read at


As with stories of other lawyers trapped in their hotels it appears that the saviour of the day ( apart from wonderful hotel staff) was his blackberry


I decided to give up and wait. But first, I left messages for my wife and four children to say goodbye. Then I checked my mail and found this outpouring of support and affection, especially from my colleagues at my firm. I got myself something to eat from the mini-bar — in all I had water, soft drinks, three plums, two biscuits and two small Toblerones in two days. I wasn’t scared, really, though I was anxious.