Australia: The National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020-25 (NLAP) Will Dole Out $A2 Billion

Let’s hope this all goes where it needs to and doesn’t get swallowed by dodgy legal tech providers with half finished product, rapacious database companies and  all the other $ siphons out there licking their lips with glee at taxpayer cash.

A new partnership is set to distribute over $2 billion between all states and territories for Commonwealth-funded legal assistance.

The National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020-25 (NLAP) “will provide a significant boost to legal services available to vulnerable Australians, including people affected by domestic violence”.

Announced on Tuesday, Attorney-General Christian Porter said the new partnership is developed in collaboration with the states and territories. It builds on the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services 2015-20 (NPA) and incorporates recommendations from recent reviews of the NPA and the Indigenous Legal Assistance Program, the A-G noted.


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