Australia: Star broke law ‘every time’ it swiped China UnionPay cards, inquiry told

Just in from the AFR

Star Entertainment broke the law “every time” it swiped China UnionPay cards in its hotel lobby and then made the funds available in its casino before gamblers’ payments cleared, lawyers assisting the NSW inquiry into the gambling giant say, which could amount to almost 2000 contraventions of the Casino Control Act.

The scheme was also a “sham” and involved creating “sham” documentation and “that was to the knowledge of all those involved”, including Star’s three most senior lawyers, counsel assisting the inquiry Naomi Sharp, SC, said.

Counsel assisting the inquiry Naomi Sharp, SC, is midway through her closing submissions. 

Under the controversial program, Star facilitated $900 million of banned gambling transactions with CUP cards, which it then misled its bank about, by characterising the transactions as “hotel invoices”.

The silk made the allegations on her second day of closing submissions to the inquiry, which is considering Star’s suitability to hold a NSW casino licence.

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