Australia Now Has Its Own Legal Whistleblower Site .. Hurrah !

We’re glad that somebody in Australia has decided it’s time to open the can of worms that is the Australian legal industry — so 3 cheers for new website FirmSpy……..

Here’s their press release – we will be checking into them everyday…

Founded by a team of metropolitan lawyers, bankers, accountants and consultants, The Firm Spy is joined by a common vision of sharing the hidden news of our professions in an honest and amusing manner.

Law, perhaps more than most professions, is host to various colourful characters, eccentrics, office melodramas and many exciting mishaps of litigants, judges, lawyers and their clients.  All too often, these human dramas lie undiscovered and exciting news and gossip is buried beneath the musty tomes of the law reports and internal memoranda.  Accountants, investment bankers and consultants are similarly at the coalface of humanity — especially in these troubled economic times – and their often remarkable office musings frequently go unheard.

The Firm Spy believes that this must change.  Australasian professionals need an outlet to share the real news — and in so doing, to hold their industries and employers to account.  The Website’s mission is simple: to give Australian lawyers, bankers, accountants and consultants a voice and allow them to comment truthfully on office and industry politics without fear of committing a Career Limiting Move.

Speak freely. Be heard. Not known.

To this end, Firm Spy collates news, opinions and gossip concerning professional service firms, their salaries, hirings, firings,
controversies, personalities and dramas.  Because we are professionals ourselves, we know what it’s like, and we have our ear to the ground for the latest gossip and news you won’t hear anywhere else.

We invite your organisation to cite Firm Spy stories and content.  We ask that you attribute Firm Spy as the source, and where possible link to the relevant article or to